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Casino with or without downloading

The avanatages and disadvantages of these two versions of online games

If you’re new to online casinos and have never played before it’s good to understand the differences between the two versions of the software that are made available online. Both the download and no download instant play flash versions of online casinos offer exciting casino entertainment however each has it’s own set of characteristics making each uniquely attractive and unattractive in their own ways. Below we’ve outlined some key information about each of the two.

Download Casinos

Some would argue that the download version of online casino software are superior to that of the no download version. This is in fact true in that the download version offers richer graphics, more compelling sound and a more reliable gaming experience overall. The reason for this is largely attributed to where we are in respect to technology including the software and tools that power such gaming products, internet bandwidth and such other factors. There are many conveniences and benefits to downloading online casino software and hence this is typically why operators will push players more so to download then to play the instant play no download versions. Below we’ve outlined some of the key pros and cons to the download versions of online casinos.

Download Casino Preview:

The following preview is one showing what the download version of an online casino could look like. This specific image is a screen shot of All Slots Casino a Microgaming software powered casino.


Rich graphics and sound with feature rich software client offering many options.
Smooth animations especially in slots games in the spinning of the reels.
More reliable system leading to a more reliable gaming experience.
The download casinos generally have a more intuitive user interface.
Do not have to wait as long as you do with no download casinos to launch a casino game.


Takes slightly longer to get up and playing then no download version.
Complete software package from online casino can range between 100 – 250+ MB of your had drive space.
You cannot simply login to your player account from any computer and play like you can with no download casinos.

No Download Online Casinos

The no download version of online casinos is typically powered by Flash technology and is played in your web browser (ie. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), meaning that you’ll need to have the Flash plug-in loaded on your computer in order to load the casino and play games. More so then with download casinos the no download versions typically can get you up and playing quicker then the download versions as both the lobby and the games are lighter in file size. No download Flash versions of online casinos typically don’t offer the exact same suite of games as the download versions and if they do there may be times when the game was scaled down so as to still work well within the Flash casino. Featured below you’ll find a pros and cons list to no download casinos.

No Download Casino Preview:

The preview as seen below illustrates what the no download flash instant play version of All Slots Casino looks like.


You can play from any computer in the world without the need to re-download the software.
No download online casinos allow you to conveniently play from within popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Getting stated and playing is typically quicker then that of download casinos.


On slower internet connections because the games are loaded from the internet each time you play it can take a while to get a game loaded. This isn’t something that occurs that often unless you’re still using a dial-up connection.
Graphics and sound can be dull and boarding.
Typically the gaming experience isn’t as reliable as the software is web based and cannot take advantage of native operating system functionality allowing for recovery, retries and persistence in certain cases (for example with the download version if there is an error the casino will do it’s best to recover so as to not interfere with the gaming experience while of course making sure everything is done properly).

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