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It’s a Vegas Time!

Let’s go, folks! It’s Monday! We’re starting a new week!

WSOP 1K with a TURBO structure Chips on the table, dude! 1-hour blind! 5,000 chips And the good news today is… if we pass to DAY 2 In this tournament, we already get an ITM today So, let’s go! – Let’s go Garridão!

– Let’s go to play online baccarat canada! Yesterday we had a day off, we spent some time in the pool Relaxing Recharged our batteries 100% for today To sit and play a calm game Focus! Let’s go!

Yesterday’s barbecue was awesome, guys! We went to Texas de Brazil – It was too tasteful. – It’s always tasteful, right? – Damn, dude! – Barbecue, rice and beans Damn!

Having some rice and beans it always good! Look the Casino is here! Everyday we cross this path, it’s our mandatory path But the Casino doesn’t confuse us, we always come 100% focused on Poker We cross straight to the table to start the game Look our aisle… That’s the happiness aisle Here our WSOP 1K starts Yep folks, today was a WSOP 1K day with 5,000 chips Two 3-hands that don’t fit, that don’t work then the stack’s gone As it started at 11am Now it’s 3pm and I came to Planet Hollywood There’s a $600 buy in with $500,000 guaranteed!

It’s also a great tournament Planet Hollywood is here on the Strip located in a great place Right next to Paris Las Vegas In front of ARIA, Bellagio… Well, that’s an awesome place! Besides RIO, the one we also like to play Because we got a bracelet from there and also because of the millionaire prizes We also like other series that provide other good tournaments The main one is The Venetian Everybody goes and there are good tournaments and great guaranteed prizes But Planet Hollywood, ARIA, Wynn… They also have good series Cool tournaments So, we end up… when we bust… The schedule is all based on WSOP events, the main focus is WSOP, the bracelet But I had a day off yesterday, I busted too soon today And I didn’t want to be slacking off, then I’m here, it’s a good tournament Let’s go! Let’s run after it!

Play in a different Casino, a different place, fresh new air, changing the ambiance, the adversaries… Let’s cheer up because it’ll work! The bubble has bursted. Oh meu Deus!

Isso é… Certo… Parabéns jogadores, vocês todos ganham dinheiro! Hell yeah, dude! Oh, yeah! Certo pessoal, os dealers vão lhes dar instruções muito importantes Hey guys!

I’m coming from Planet Hollywood I went there to play 500k $600 buy in, flight C I made it! It’s a very, very different tournament First time ever that I played so much in a DAY 1 17 levels with 40 minutes In my opinion it was wrong Damn! It was a 14-hour game in a row and there was no break I mean, there were only 15-minute breaks in each 3 levels For me, it was too much tight But here it is! DAY 2 I’ll be there! I’ll come back on Wednesday I’m almost sure and I even asked floors if 100% of the field is ITM already Because as I could see, for the amount of tables that remained I could see that there were only 7%, 8% of the field And the ITM average here in Vegas is 15% Some tournaments are 10% or 11% It means that with 7%, 8% they might make a symbolic bubble with 1 or 2 players I’m not big, but the tournament has tighten a lot with these 40-minute blind Players were holding up in the end, already tired of the game But, here we go!

Let’s go! If I can guarantee $500 I can pay $100 or $125 for the first It’s really attractive From 1,000 people in the beginning, now I guess it’s at least with 100 left – When was the last time you played in Brazil? – In November – Millions?

– Yeah, BSOP Millions… – Ano passado? – Eu vou em Novembro pro Brasil – Ai sim! – Legal!

Quando você joga um BSOP Millions, você nunca mais quer deixar de ir. – O melhor torneio no Brasil – Sim, com certeza! – E você vai jogar Turbo 1K? – Sim – Hyper Turbo – Hyper Turbo! – Vamos lá!

– Vamos lá! – Vocês vão jogar o Monster Stack? – Sim, Sábado! Sábado e Domingo!

Você joga Sábado ou Domingo? – Sábado – Jogar Sábado é melhor? – Talvez, eu não sei – Ah sim É uma chance só, né. Ou Sábado ou Domingo! Você não terá duas chances – Sério? – Sim, sim!

– Não, você só terá uma chance esse ano. – Sério? Sim. – Eu li no calendário da WSOP. – Hoje não? – 1 milhão?

– Claro! Você pode ir verificar – Mas tenho quase 100% de certeza – O que você acha dos jogadores brasileiros? – São muito bons. – Sério? De 4 ou 5 cinco anos pra cá eu tenho encontrado muitos brasileiros que jogam bem.

Legal! We’re going to Hyper Turbo That’s gonna be a very tough tournament 20-minute blind That’s craziness! It’s the fastest tournament in WSOP – There’ll be Bounty yet – Sem entrada, sem re-entrada.

Craziness! Vamos jogar o Turbo Bounty? – Muito, muito, muito rápido! – Muito rápido! That’s craziness guys!

Chips on the table for all over, dude! It’s a matter of readjusting range goals of life, and strike them! What do you think Garridão?

It doesn’t help at all! You must keep your range adjusted You must win everything And you must hold everything and in addition, it’s necessary to find an AA and KK throughout the way – Someone will win bracelet today! – That’s it. – One of us! – Let’s go! – Or three?

– Or three! – Let’s also root for our new colleague! – Yeah! First Brazil, then France! Let’s take it slow! Let’s take it really slow!

– My mom is from Brazil, de Belém! – Oh, really? – Where is she from? – Belém! – Belém? That’s so cool!

– Yeah! Belém! Her mom is from Belém! Temos um clube grande em Belém – É chamado de Vegas – Legal! É o mais e o melhor clube no Brasil!

É o maior! O dono desse clube é uma ótima pessoa! – Sério? – Sim, sério! Eu amo aquele lugar!

Eu visito Belém 2, 3 ou 4 vezes! Well, now let’s finished this cheap talk! – Let’s go after it! – We got here! Oh yeah, dude!

Chips on the table! Chips on it! Here we go Gustavão! One homestretch more! This is 1K now Bounty Hyper Turbo 70 left to reach the bracelet, damn! The time is now, dude!

It’s time! In this one! I have around 230,000-240,000 chips Blind returns 4-8 So, I’m tranquil although it’s a very tight structure I might be around the top 20 among 70 left with this stack I’ve got stack to play Now I have a one-hour-and-a-half dinnerbreak This is the only dinnerbreak It’s the unique WSOP tournament that starts and ends in the same day So…

The table… Well, the strategy is all set I know all my table colleagues I already know each one’s profile I already know who are the best pre-flop, the best pro-flop The one I’m avoiding to play now, because of the stack I’m setting my final homestretch strategy Pressuring the medium stacks By the way, the guy I eliminated was salting my game He gave me the chips in an specific hand That hand was…. Well, I played KJ with him in a previous hand, defending button He had QQ, I made two pairs, I pulled the hand Then he came to my big I’m gonna tell how the hands were He had 100,000 and I had 70,000 Blind was 1-2, the effective stack was mine 35 blinds He opened in my big Four and a half in a 2 I did everything in fifteen and a half I had red AA He called with KQ in position Flop came Q, 9 and 3 I C-bet He asked me how many I had left behind then I raised my hand He put all KQ and I insta call AA With a huge stack in this tournament, he should’ve never called my 3-bet A 3-bet call is really bad, because when you 3-bet in a big blind The range is really strong, because you have odds to complete and play pos-flop So, most often, the major part of you hand range you defend the big blind and play pos-flop Especially because in the big blind you have already paid parts so you complete and play pos-flop So my 3-bet in big is really strong, really strong… it’s top of the range! Well, he called KQ So, he was salting game with KJ that I had played with in the previous hand I checked… flop was J, T and 3 He checked then I checked as well, because he had opened it in UTG when it was button He checked the top pair to catch him! He got embarrassed because the turn was a K It’s the game’s fault…

It’s normal, right? And I was pressuring that fat guy a little bit I’d given him a 3-bet and I have passed as well 3 turns behind it had been time My map is all mapped and the game is engaged Now it only depends on me I’m gonna take this one-hour-and-a-half break to eat something, rest a little bit and lay on the bed And let’s go, guys! Let’s go! Bracelet, here we go! I won’t miss this homestretch, dude!

I missed the final table in Omaha But this is one is my specialty Let’s go! What’s up guys! Everyday I receive a ton of messages form a lot of people Expressing their desire to play a WSOP. That’s it guys, it’s about to come your time.

The WSOP Circuit Argentina is going to happen now, from 2 to 6 August at the Iguazú Casino, on the Argentina side, that’s it! And do you wanna know more? If you’re up to satellite your place Wednesdays and Sundays, always at 9pm is happening satellite at The Sunday satellites prizes a complete package with staying and buy-in and the Wednesdays buy-in only that means you can stay and satellite the WSOP Argentina buy-in at Don’t miss it, guys! See you there!

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