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New Gambling Technologies

An old fashioned gambling establishment is made of concrete, wood, metal, whisky and thousands of card decks. But recent technology has offered new ways of building a casino. All you need is a group of tech savvy individuals with enough computer and programming knowledge to create an online game, a catchy name, and a nice slogan. Of course there is more to operating an online casino than just building the actual site. Players will probably not worry about the technical issues of online casinos and how an internet gambling site makes it big in the industry.

Online casino experts are highly paid employees. Online casinos are on the rise and demand for manpower just keeps on going up. A person who wants to make a living in the internet gambling industry can work in private firms that does money processing, backup, security, hosting or licensing. The opportunities are endless. Internet gambling is the new line of business that is making big waves in the market. The capital is relatively low while profits can cover the initial capital just in the few months or days of successful operation. Reading a few articles over the internet can give a person a holistic view on how the industry works and the regulations involved. It is simpler to build an internet gambling site today than it was years ago when the industry was just a budding business in the horizon.

Solutions are now available for common problems and there’s enough technological breakthroughs to cover every need to run successful internet gambling businesses.

The low-capital-quick-realized-return effect of operating an online casino is the biggest factor that encourages entrepreneurs to try their luck in the business. We can expect more internet gambling sites in the years to come.

The online casino company, Party Gaming, has recently released the results of its third quarter performance, and along with it came the information about its newly appointed non-executive chairman for the merged Party-Bwin groups. The merger between the two online casinos, Party Gaming and Bwin, is expected to fully take place by 2011, specifically during the first quarter of the year. Simon Duffy’s appointment will officially take effect once the merger has been completed. By then, Party Gaming’s current chairman, Rod Perry, will be the senior independent director and the deputy chairman of the merged group.

Prior to his appointment at Party-Bwin online casino group, Duffy has held top positions in various companies. He was with EMI Group plc as deputy chairman and finance director; was a deputy chairman and chief executive for End2End, an internet service provider based in Netherlands; was Orange SA’s chief financial officer; an executive chairman at Tradus plc. He has also held non-executive positions in companies such as the Intellectual Property Institute, Tiscali S.p.A., iMedia Holdings Limited, Imperial Tobacco Group plc, Cantab Pharmaceuticals plc, HMV Media Group plc and Thames Television plc, among others.

Aside from taking on important positions in various online casinos, Duffy presently plays a key role for the British-American Project and a children’s charity, the NSPCC.

Two other proposed co-CEO’s of the merged group, Norbert Teufelberger and Jim Ryan, only have good things to say about Duffy. They believe that Duffy’s experience in businesses especially in the field of online casinos is a valuable
resource for the Party-Bwin group. In turn, Duffy has expressed enthusiasm over his new appointment, and is all set to take on the task.

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